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'Defense' Attorney Robert Jones Betrayed and Sabotaged My Family

Sabotaged by
Robert Jones, ‘defense’ attorney at law. Innocent and Betrayed:
(Please also see our online petition against attorney Robert Jones, exposing his impropriety and deliberate treachery: (We can be contacted at: Aaron James 204 474 0654 and Linda James 204 632 5598

(also see my web site:

Profiled and ***attacked by NWA and MN Airport Police (*photos with this link), (Notorious for such actions) subject to FBI intimidation and threat amidst subsequent corrupted court proceedings, we were maligned further by ‘defense’ attorney Robert Jones, whose allegiance turned out to be with none other than the prosecution, MN Police and * FBI themselves in framing and falsely prosecuting! (In fact according to documented jury pool tampering which cites FBI, CIA, NSA, MN Police and NWA officials (as well as prosecuting attorneys…) as having significant representation on the jury pool, in conjunction with the sabotage of registered legal mail and threatening phone messages, it is most probable that all of the aforementioned factions are involved to some extent in the corruption and collusion involved…
(please see re: “The Frame Up” (web site currently under construction)

**** > Our ‘defense’ attorney (Robert Jones) who by all appearances, conspired with the prosecution (they are mutual friends and “slammed back a few together” deliberately sabotaged our defense, misrepresented facts, and attempted to convince us (through the use of arguments that were intended to instill deep fear within us) that we should perhaps not return to the U.S. to honor our trial attendance commitments- citing the fact that the system had been stacked against us and we had very little chance of positive outcome. (Of course that would surely ensure a guilty verdict-conveniently for Jones…and his ‘drinking buddy’/hockey and school mate’-the prosecuting attorney-more on that later)

In keeping with this effort, Jones stated that the prosecution had asked him “Is you’re guy even going to show up?!” By all appearances, the comment was made in order to suggest to me that I had absolutely no chance of vindication at the trial (and clearly, through devious and surreptitious means, indeed I did not-there was no opportunity for justice, by sinister colluded design- a corrupted,and prejudiced jury pool, a presiding judge carrying criminal charges in the Notorious Judge David S. Doty, former U.S. Marine, FBI purgury and collusion and a ‘defense’ attorney conspiring against us with the prosecution…what chance was there for justice? Again-none-by deliberate design).

Defense Attorney’s Ploy Did Not Go Unnoticed
Citing the ‘questionable’ efforts of Robert Jones, Communities United Against Police Brutality member Bill Cooley, who sat in attendance at the trial beside my mother noted, “I saw absolutely no defense mounted by this lawyer at all!! This is horrible!!”

A myriad of elements (such as they are too lengthy to list here within the scope of this summary account) gave strong evidence of Robert Jones treachery and I list some of them here:


1. Robert Jones failed to subpoena the officers as promised, such that we (my mother and I) would not be able to independently visually i.d. the officers and corroborate between us, their true positions on the aircraft- exposing the crux of their deception in the officer shell game ploy. Instead, those in attendance at the trial will recall a *melancholic exchange between defense attorney Robert Jones and the prosecuting attorney, in which each blamed the other for not having called witnesses to the stand. This exchange was only for show and was a façade! This is exactly what each of them had intended.
My mother specifically demanded that Robert Jones subpoena Officer Sweigart to the stand. I myself requested the presence by order of subpoena, of the other officers. Regardless, none of Officers Milton, Sweigart, or Wingate, was in attendance.

2. Robert failed to ask the (notoriously bigoted) MN Police (having recently appeared in the news for yet another racially motivated attack ending in a death) any of the revealing questions we had instructed him to ask of the perjuring police. My mother and I had each written out a detailed list of questions for Robert Jones to ask of the police.
I had prepared 5 specific questions of my own, some of which I list herein, as follows:
A: Was the taser passed from the back or did the
officer at the front have a taser?

This question would have revealed the lie in officer Hoerdt’s report about having ‘drawn his x-26 taser’ and drive stunned me.
Any witness would have seen that the taser was passed from the back of the 4 man line up in front of me and passed up to the officer positioned directly in front of me, who tased me. Officers would have a very difficult time refuting this when challenged by contradictory witness testimony over this question at trial.
Did Robert Jones ask this question of officers or of the witnesses as we had instructed him? No, of course not- that would have lended itself to exonerating me and discrediting the officers and it was defense attorney Robert Jones hidden agenda to sabotage us and ensure a conviction on behalf of the prosecution!

B: Was there any dialogue from the officers to the
effect of telling me to put m y hands behind my
back on several occasions?

This question was designed to leave opportunity for witnesses to independently discredit the officers in cross exam. Officers had claimed that they had warned me to cooperate and claimed to have instructed me to put my hands behind my back on several occasions, when in fact, there had been no warning and no instruction to comply baring consequence- there had simply been an unprovoked attack on the merit of a legitimate question asked, leaving me bloody and beaten on the ground, while officers continued to tase me (50000volts!) as I lay there motionless.

Did Robert Jones ask them if there had been any dialogue as we had requested? Of course not!! Part of the Officers’ defense to criminal culpability is the fact that they claim I was not cooperating with their instructions and warnings. There were no instructions to submit to handcuffing nor were there any warnings. Robert Jones would certainly have avoided any line of questioning that might have revealed this fact…

* My mother also had some very poignant questions that were given to Robert Jones in written format (no excuses here!) instructing him in the line of questioning to be used on the officers. Yet again, he touched on absolutely none of these questions, some of which I list here in the following:

The Following Is an Excerpt From A Legal Document My Mother Submitted To Defense Attorney Robert Jones, Instructing Him to Grill Officers On Stand with the Poignant Questions Detailed Herein: (Robert was delinquent in asking them any of these questions-by premeditated design…)

“I want you to ask them why they decided to refuse my request for the names of all the officers who were on board the plane? What did they have to hide?
I want you to ask why I was only given four badge numbers, when I knew that there had to have been at least one more. I knew there were more than four officers on board the plane. When I asked for more badge numbers why was I lied to and told there were only four officers?
I want you to ask why I wasn’t given Sergeant Cooper’s badge number in the airport, when I enquired about being given more badge numbers.
I want you to ask all the officers who didn’t mention Cooper in their statements why they didn’t include him. They didn’t even list his name as one of the names at the top of the statement page (neither did Sweigart, but he put Cooper in the body of his statement) This is a good question, because I’m pretty sure they haven’t colluded on a pat answer for this one, because I’m pretty sure they’re not expecting to be asked.

… ‘I want you to ask all the other officers, … if it isn’t normally proper procedure for every officer involved in any given situation,
to provide a statement…then ask them how it would be possible for Cooper to neglect to submit such a statement. This puts the question in the minds of the jury, no matter what the answer given is.
I want you to ask each of them why they attempted to keep me confined to the plane, with no legal justification to do so…say to them “isn’t it true that you didn’t want Ms. James to get off the airliner because you had just assaulted her son without justification for having done so, and you didn’t want to have to face up to that?!” (This was exactly the case!)

I want you to ask each officer to admit that he didn’t actually see Aaron head-butt anyone. There is one officer (Hoerdt) who has this elaborate slow motion diagram which…does not match anyone else’s statement as to what they claim occurred…this is another example of the fact that he (Hoerdt) wasn’t really there at all, (at row 8) and really doesn’t have a clue what went on after he tripped, (this is how his head injury really happened) and then left to get medical treatment”

I want you to come right out and ask Hoerdt if in fact it isn’t true that he actually stood closer to the front of the plane rather than row 8, and that he actually injured himself when he tripped, and that he left the plane after that and had not actually been close to Aaron at any point in time before he did leave the aircraft!”

***Next you ask him why he claims to have drawn his x-26 taser, when the person who actually tased Aaron didn’t have a taser and was heard to call out for one to be passed to him!!”

‘The bare fact that the police are lying all over the place is an honest admission on their part that they are guilty and need to cover things up”

***Yes these were some of the questions that we had carefully detailed and instructed Robert Jones to grill the police on at the time. We knew their lies could not stand up against this kind of close and measured scrutiny- but then so did Robert Jones- and that was the last thing he wanted!!! ***Did Robert Jones ask the police any of these revealing questions in order to expose their lies? Absolutely not! There was a conflict of interest, you see- our ‘defense’ attorney wanted a conviction…

3. Robert Jones Fails to Call Witnesses on Obvious Lies.

Robert Jones ‘failed’ to act on any of the key contradictions he and I had noted in the testimony of the witnesses as they spoke. In both his cross- examination of witnesses and at the closing arguments of the trial, he touched on almost none of their blaring self-contradictions. At mid lunch break, I questioned Robert on why he had not gone after the witnesses on their self contradictions, in cross exam and he responded “You never embarrass a witness during cross exam- it makes me look like a jerk in front of the jury and then you look like a jerk”. He stated further, that if he confronted them on their perjury and contradictions during cross exam, that it would give the prosecution a chance to correct these errors in further cross exam of the witnesses.

(All of these seemed reasonable at first but the sinister plot mitigating his actions would soon prove otherwise…)

He also promised us that he would deal with all of this by going over the contradictions in the final closing arguments instead, at which time, he argued, they could not be refuted through further cross exam of witnesses.
He stated “Oh, Aaron, I’m going to stomp all over them- you’re going to love this”
This was not to be, however-This was part of the lie: Returning to the courts for closing arguments, the first thing I was to learn from Judge Doty, as he addressed the jury, was that closing arguments are not to be considered as evidence to support a case. (Of course Robert knew this ahead of time…)

As for Robert’s closing arguments, did he “stomp all over them?” Quite the contrary. I tell you that he did not cite any of the myriad of contradictions found in their statements and I watched solemnly as he rambled on in repetitive circular time consuming jargon about there being a lot of dots to connect and the jury having to connect those dots before they could find that I had committed any crime. Yet he did not give any specific indication as to what those dots were and deliberately spoke as such, in riddles and vagaries, to confound his own closing arguments under the guise of genuine effort.

As such I cite again, the comments made by Communities United Against Police Brutality head, Bill Cooley, “There was absolutely no defense mounted at all here!! This is horrible!!”

4. Robert Jones Sabotaged Height Discrepancy Argument:

I specifically instructed Jones to point out the fact that due to the height discrepancy (I was effectively 4 inches shorter than the officer who claims I head butted him at the top of his head at his hairline) I could not have committed the alleged act of head butting this individual.

Ø Instead of speaking about the height discrepancy Robert Jones used this as a weapon against me in addressing the jury panel, stating, “and furthermore due to the issue of the size discrepancy, my client could not have committed this act” His exchange of the word ‘size’ with ‘height’ was deliberate sabotage as I illustrate herein:

This was in fact, a two-pronged effort at sabotage!! Firstly, he changes the word ‘height’ to ‘size’ to confound the intended argument and collude the exculpatory evidence therein. Secondly, by mentioning my size, he draws the attention of the jury to the fact that I am a large and muscular individual-, which would naturally bias and taint the jury against me in an alleged assault case! Robert Jones knows no shame.

5. Failure To Call Valuable Exonerating Witness-by design
Robert Jones failed to bring to the stand the female Allina Transport nurse
who was in attendance on the ambulance at the time.

When Officer Brad Wingate cited Officer Hoerdt having claimed I head butted him, and I protested, exclaiming, “I didn’t head butt anyone!” The nurse stated, “I believe you”
Contrast this with Robert Jones having said “No I didn’t call her to testify- Aaron she would have killed you!!” This just doesn’t make any sense and is a glaring inconsistency, among so many.

6. Robert Jones “I Have Connections in the Courts-let’s Just Leave it at that:
Ask Yourself: How did Robert manage to pull that interdepartmental police report (mentioned earlier in this report) from the files of the prosecution?! Recall, when asked, Robert would say only, “I like to win…I have connections in the courts – let’s just leave it at that…” The words of an honest attorney, indeed…

7. Defense Attorney Aloof, No Calls Returned:
He never returned any of my phone calls in the last months before the trial. Weeks went by without a single phone call returned despite daily calls made on my part to inquire about his progress on the case. It was at this point, approximately 2 months before the trial itself, that I told my family I suspected Robert Jones intentions were not honest and a hidden agenda may have been in the works. His dismissiveness, and latent, indifferent demeanor on the phone during the rare occasions I was able to speak to him, in combination with the above, had made him suspect in my eyes. Unfortunately we had neither the money nor the time to investigate the procurement of alternate legal counsel- it was too late for that.

8. ‘Defense’ Attorney Ensures Exculpatory Arguments Concealed

Robert refused to enunciate and detail my exculpatory taser i.d. argument claiming it was ‘too complicated’ for the jury to understand, while in fact it was very simple: Taser reports indicated that officer Hoerdt and Wingate were the only officers who deployed tasers and had tasers on their persons when boarding the plane. Note: that a taser report must be issued not by the officer who uses the taser- but by the officers who originally had the tasers on their persons and deployed them!; Witnesses would have seen the two officers most distant from me (nearest the first class section at the back of a 4 man line up of officers in front of me), draw their tasers and pass them to the 2 officers nearest me (Sweigart and Milton), who tased me. This means that by the evidentiary taser report, listing officers Hoerdt and Wingate as having deployed tasers, officer Hoerdt and officer Wingate must have been the officers at the back of the 4 man line up of officers, nearest the first class section,*** most distant from me, who deployed tasers and passed them up to the officers nearest me (Sweigart and Milton) who tased me. * How then could I have head butted an officer distant from me, he and I mutually separated by several other officers? The answer is that this event is fictitious and manufactured with the intent to falsely incriminate and collude evidence of an unwarranted attack.

‘Defense’ Attorney Acts To Preserve Prosecution’s Shell Game Deceptions in Sabotage of Client Defense:
***Why Robert Jones refused to submit this argument before the court is actually quite obvious to me: The argument disproves and eradicates the validity of the officers’ shell game strategy of switching positions and vantage points in their reports in order to falsely place officer Hoerdt directly in front of me when in fact he was not.
By the evidentiary taser reports, no matter how they try to switch and swap positions the evidence of the taser reports always draws us back to only one conclusion: that officer Hoerdt was at the back of a four man line up in front of me- not in front of me- and that we were mutually inaccessible for any physical contact whatsoever.
Again, three days before the trial, a second charge of minor assault was added upon receipt of the documentation from Peace Officer Standards and Training, which gave indication that we had exposed the truth. I conjecture that this made them somewhat less confident over a conviction on severe bodily harm and so they added a secondary lesser charge- just to be sure.
Yet the taser i.d. evidence would preclude the successful application of and conviction on either of the charges because it proves that Hoerdt was nowhere near me and that physical contact could not have occurred.
Yet defense attorney Robert Jones did not want that- he wanted a conviction.

9. Defense Attorney Bypasses Mention of Officer Shell Game Entirely, Confounding Client Defense Case:
I had instructed defense attorney Robert Jones, to give mention of the officer ‘shell game’ they were playing; I explained to him that in order to defend against the second charge that had been layed, of minor assault, it was imperative to establish and prove the fact that officer Hoerdt was in fact nowhere near me that I could have impacted on him in any way whatsoever. Holding true to insidious form, Robert assured me-promised me emphatically, that he would point this out-just moments before his closing arguments, as we discussed this in chambers. Robert Jones gave it no mention at all thereafter in those closing arguments.

10. Robert Jones had Inside Knowledge of the Lies-Being Party To Them:

Robert Jones was not at all surprised to see Alvin Cooper get up on stand and assume the role of the individual Linda and I had visually id’d as being officer Sweigart- the officer behind me.

To clarify: A police statement was filed under officer Steven Sweigart’s name, from the vantage point of the one officer who was behind me- the one and only minority amongst the 5 officer squadron on board. Now imagine my surprise to have linked this black officer with the name Steven Sweigart and then to have seen him walk on to the stand under his true name- Alvin Cooper!!
Was ‘Defense’ Attorney Robert Jones Surprised By this Twist of Events? Surely not- He was IN ON IT:

I duly noted that Robert Jones was not at all taken aback by this, even as I sat there, temporarily entirely confounded and perplexed.
No, Robert Jones had been privy to this collusion and stated, while smiling at me coyly “that’s Alvin Cooper”.

A Mutual Understanding of Contempt and Sabotage:
***By this point there was a mutual silent understanding between Robert Jones and I, that he had sabotaged my case-and also the understanding that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it…thus his duly coy demeanor.

11. ‘Defense’ Attorney Robert Jones Downplays Prosecution Witness’s Hostility To Subtly Facilitate Question of the Legitimacy of Our Complaint Prior to the Attack:
Robert Jones deliberately played down and all but ignored the hostile demeanor of the flight stewardess and in fact introduced discussion on her before the jury by stating “Sherrie Caudell is probably a very nice lady that just wanted to help”
Naturally I questioned Robert on why he would say such a thing (in light of her behavior aboard the aircraft and comments she made at trial to the effect of ‘we are trained to kill before we are killed’ and ‘you know what?! I don’t care who heard! (Regarding cross exam on her inflammatory comments made over the open P/A system)).

Again, as before true to form, he responded “Oh well I wouldn’t want to say anything about her in front of the jury. They’re mostly women for one thing. It just wouldn’t look good”. Robert Jones would come up with excuse upon excuse in light of growing evidence towards his deliberately delinquent performance.

12. Robert Jones Refused to Accommodate our Request That the Police Be Counter-Charged. The Minneapolis Airport Police have committed grievous acts against us and as such, we requested of Robert Jones, that he place countercharges against them. This was not a strategic ploy- we have genuinely been severely violated and would have sought to lay charges regardless.
Again, Robert Jones would not comply, arguing that the countercharges would have very little effect, in that they would be interdepartmentally reviewed by police and most likely summarily dismissed and ignored.

In contrast, we are aware that there are separate governing bodies that are dedicated and assigned to doing independent reviews of police conduct.

Many others, in reviewing our case, have been very surprised to see that Jones was delinquent in abiding by our request in this matter. Of course, these people were not furnished with the nuances of Robert Jones hidden agenda, as I was.

Robert Jones Gives Verbal Allusion To His Treachery:
Following the trial, when all was said and done, Robert stated that for “ethical reasons” he felt we should get a new lawyer to handle further matters pursuant to this case.
He stated,*** “…and I think ethically speaking, you should seek a different attorney to handle any further dealings with this case.”

He knew what he had done-and he knew it was entirely unethical.

Moreover, amidst banter and conversation, Robert Jones remarked
***“My god, if I ever said some of the things that were on my mind I’d have been hung a long time ago!!”

I silently thought to myself, “No doubt, I’m sure…”

***Update On Robert Jones’ Treachery:
Deliberate and illegal Withholding of our files to aid in occluding the truth of our innocence and their lies: Over two months ago now, my family and I demanded of Robert Jones law firm, Carlson and Jones, that they send us a complete copy of our case files and legal documentation, including the court transcripts. Legally we are entitled to them.
The Response I got From Mr. Carlson: “Well our fax machine isn’t working right now… I understand your frustration and I’ll tell you our secretary is very upset at the fax machine repair company because that machine should have been fixed by now! We’ll send the files the files as soon as we can”

Now two months later and frequent follow up phone calls having been made, we still do not have any of our case file documents. They have not returned any of our calls and remain dismissive.
These court documents are the last things they want us to have because they will enable us to prove their law firm’s treachery even further through irrefutable legal documentation, and so this firm is withholding our files illegally unto this day.

We know fully well we were not only not properly represented at trial- but that we were deliberately sabotaged by ‘defense’ attorney Robert Jones himself! (in collusion with *FBI(please see below) and prosecution)

*Note/ FBI: The FBI’s Notoriety and ill repute precedes them in so far as covering Up evidence and falsely framing individuals with malicious initiative as is exposed in this particular site: .

We have approached the following parties in government and all have refused us assistance:
Canadian Human Rights/ Foreign Affairs
Vic Toews, Minister of Justice
Governor Tim Pawlenty
Senator of MN Mark Dayton
Amnesty International

we are innocent and have been maligned by a corrupted system with canivory and false persecution as its wrote mandate.
***We are in need of timely assistance : I currently sleep with my door barricaded on the impetus of ellicit threats recieved from Judge David S. Doty at trial and FBI who created internet accounts to interface with me on line- we have been threatened to the effect of illegal U.S. Marshal entry into Canada to harm my family and I...(details and links to all of this can be found at our main web site-


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